I have spoken to over 10,000 people throughout North America about social media, marketing, motivation and business building.

Whether it’s 1,200 teachers in Alberta wanting to know about educational trends, or 50 real estate agents in Vancouver suburb wanting inspiration – I offer information and motivational tools to help people achieve greater success!

I have also been a keynote speaker for numerous business organizations (including the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, and most Chambers of Commerce in Greater Vancouver), Yukon IT conference and small group retreats.

Here is my one sheet with an outline of my keynotes and bio. WendyMcClelland-onesheet  

Here’s excerpts from three different events:

Social Media Demystified

Five years ago none of us had heard of Pinterest and who would imagine we would love a tool that makes us communicate in only 140 characters? What’s coming next? How will it affect YOUR business?

With so much emphasis on social media for business, entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed and confused about what social media tools are best for them. My keynote “Demystifying Social Media” helps clear away the clutter of information and provide a clear outline of how to use social media platforms for business.

 “I was just about to give up on social media, but you’ve cleared it up for me.” Bekki Hurley – Jeunesse Global 

Here’s a “Demystifying Social Media” presentation Wendy gave to the Abbotsford Business and Professional Women’s Association:

The LinkedIn Experiment

In early 2014, I decided to focus on LinkedIn and see what kinds of results I could get. Every day for five days I did one or two things to experiment with the best strategies.

In ONLY five days I got the following results:

Connections – up 13%

Recommendations – up 600%

Endorsements – up 18%

Profile Views (previous 3 days) – up 1366%

Showed up in search (previous 3 days) – up 2150%

And a LOT of new business and media opportunities. In this presentation audiences will learn the strategies I used to get these results and how to implement them in their own LinkedIn profiles.

“Thanks to Wendy McClelland, my LinkedIn profile has been transformed from ordinary… to one which generates quality connections to grow my business. High quality prospects are now seeking connections with me and messages using Wendy’s templates are generating client converting conversations.” Nomiki Georgiadis, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Here’s a keynote from Social Media Mastery in Vancouver, BC February 2015


27 Steps to Freedom….

What Learning to Walk Again Taught Me About Success in Business & Life

Who knew that personal challenges could offer lessons which could be applied to business success? This keynote/workshop will show you how to turn personal struggles into lessons that lead to amazing life strategies including Building a Team, Collaboration, Having a Plan, Sharing Your Knowledge and more! These lessons can applied to both personal and professional success in life.

This keynote is based on my personal experiences of contracting a bacterial infection that ate away portions of my spine, destroyed one kidney and gave me brain damage. During my two year recovery I learned many valuable life lessons that can be applied to both business and life.

This keynote will not only inspire your audience, it offers actionable steps to make positive change.

“Thank you for sharing your courageous story.”    Dwayne Klassen, The Remarkable Man Project

The full story is chronicled in my book “27 Steps to Freedom”

Here is one of the “27 lessons” from this keynote

If you’re interested in a workshops or a keynote please contact me.