My Book

In 1999 I was a busy raising three children, and five years out of a tough divorce.

I had built a successful business and was looking forward to the future.

Unfortunately, I contracted a bacterial infection that ate away portions of my spine, destroyed one kidney and gave me brain damage.

I spent nearly a year away from my children, more than two months in hospital and then many more months in a full body cast (plaster from my neck to my knees to fuse the bone fragments back around my spinal cord).

I ended up losing my home and declaring bankruptcy. It was one of the toughest times in my life.

But, during this time I learned many valuable lessons that help me every day in my life and I wanted to share them.

So, in December 2014 I wrote my book “27 Steps to Freedom – What Learning to Walk Again Taught me About Success in Business & Life”. 

Want to know what the 27 Lessons were that I learned. Here you go!

Why “27 Steps”? Here’s why. 

Want to know what others think about the book? Here’s some reviews.