One to One VIP Day

Are you an ACTION TAKER?

Do you want solutions NOW?

My VIP Day is ONLY for entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about taking action.

We will meet in person for a full day in a peaceful boardroom setting. I will provide a car service to pick you up from your location, or the airport to bring you to our meeting. Your meals for the day are included and I’ve got some special bonuses for you as well.

I will help you find solutions to your marketing issues in a fast and effective way.

My one day “Fast Action” consultation is the right approach for entrepreneurs who don’t like to waste time – and want fast results.

Here’s the plan:

  • 10 days before we meet I will send you a list of questions that will give me insights into your business, your life and your goals
  • You return it to me at least 5 days prior to meeting
  • We will spend a day together and you’ll have a clear strategy that includes your goals, work/life balance, goal posts for reaching your goals and a clear plan to make things happen!
  • NOTE: I do offer a LIMITED number of HALF DAY sessions as well

Your session MAY also include your social media:

  1. LinkedIn review – I will review your LinkedIn profile and offer suggestions for improving it, provide ideas for making the right connections on LinkedIn and how to leverage this powerful platform
  2. Website review – I will review your website and help you develop a stronger brand presence with a list of ideas, suggestions and resources to make your website REALLY reflect your business
  3. Facebook review – I will review your Facebook page and provide you a list of suggested improvements, and you will  also receive a list of resources that includes royalty free photos, graphics creation software and more.

This is the ideal session for you if you are:

  • a business owner who is ready to take massive action but needs a plan to do it
  • someone at mid life wondering “what’s next?” and needs help creating your “Chapter Two”
  • a person who has just gone through a major life change (divorce, loss of a job, major transition) and want to have a clear plan and strategy for moving forward

VIP Days are CUSTOMIZED for your SPECIFIC needs. Each one is uniquely created and delivered. 

My one to one strategy sessions are by APPLICATION ONLY. I want to ENSURE you get the most value out of this, and if it’s not the right fit you won’t.

If you feel it’s the right fit for you, please click here to fill in the application.

I will respond within 2 business days to arrange a NO obligation 30 minute call to see if this is the RIGHT fit for YOUR business.