I’m thrilled to have reviews from some pretty amazing people!

“This book opens your eyes and heart to feel and express gratitude for all the good things in your life.”

Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self-Confidence


“The Steps to Freedom are often on the toughest patches of highway.  Wendy’s life and experience inspire us all to believe in the power to overcome and push for our own change in the world.

If you are a human being experiencing life you need to read this book!”

Joe Roberts aka The Skidrow CEO


“The human experience can be riddled with suffering, and yet only those courageous enough to dive into the depths of their pain, can rise to share the richness of their learnings with compassion and grace. Wendy McClelland has done just that. In her book 27 Steps to Freedom she takes us with her on the journey through a life-threatening illness and the temporary loss of her family, through to her miraculous recovery and the regaining of her inner and outer freedom. She gives us the ultimate gift; the opportunity to learn and grow through the sharing of her story, infused with her heart and soul. This book is sure to give you the courage and strength to face life’s challenges with faith and love in your heart.”     

Heather White, Life Design for High Achievers


“This book has made me cry, smile, sigh, and ponder.  What an inspiration!  Wendy encouraged me to keep going, no matter what!  This is a must read!  Thank you for sharing your amazing story, Wendy!”

Margo Dane, Actress, and The Social Queen, Social Media Consultant


“In “27 Steps to Freedom” Wendy McClelland teaches profound lessons for life. Hers are not just academic or intellectual suggestions. Rather, these are lessons learned in the crucible of a horrendous physical and mental struggle from which she has emerged a much stronger and wiser woman. In these pages she shares the wisdom she gained, and it is our extreme good fortune to be able to learn from her.

Dave Carey, Captain USN retired

Author of The Ways We Choose, Lessons For Life From A POW’s Experience


“Thank you for this introduction to your courageous and inspiring journey. Today’s medicine is only slowly coming to grips with how our mind can affect our health. Stories such as your own are needed in the world today so that we can see the outcomes of mind, emotion and body interaction. What stood out for me is the visualisation that you embarked on “… I began visualizing my spine “knitting” itself back together…” This is definitely a crucial part of the process. Of course our mind and emotions have to be rescued from other matters before they can be fully utilised in healing. Matters such as forgiveness, acceptance and trust all play there very important parts. The lessons that you have included in this book will help people immensely in moving towards deep healing.”

Kal Malik, Energy Expression Expert


“Wendy’s story is hers, and it’s different from others, but it’s not new. Others have suffered and endured, and striven to overcome their challenges. One noticeable difference is that Wendy has realized that she had a life experience resulting in a gift of life lessons to share with us, where others have kept their gift to us wrapped up tight, unshared. She laid bare her traumatic life experience for us to grow by.

The one life lesson that resonated most for me, a theme that seemed to undergird the other lessons is faithful perseverance. For that to shine through, Wendy was passionately clear of her why and who; determined to again take up her role as mother for her children.

Wendy’s book encouraged me to reflect on my own life, learn from the lessons she shares, and inspired me to look deep within, to ensure there are no unshared opportunities yet unwrapped.

Thank-you Wendy, for allowing yourself to be boldly vulnerable, for the benefit of others.”

 Bill Boesterd, President – Denbow Ltd.