Staff Placement Service

Help wanted signHiring new staff can be a difficult process when you’re running a business. You need to find the extra time to place ads, deal with incoming phone calls and emails, and weed out people who aren’t qualified. You set up interviews only to find out during an interview people have misrepresented themselves, or worse yet don’t show up! The frustration can put your whole team on edge and you may not find the right person. My placement service offers you a much better way to hire.

The process I have created is designed to eliminate as much of the frustration and wasted time as possible. I handle the details and present you only the most qualified applicants.

I will act as your company’s agent in the hiring process. This avoids your staff being overwhelmed by phone calls and emails since your company name is not publicized to applicants who are applying.

I will:

  • Discuss with you the specific type of person (besides job skills) you are looking for so I have a very clear understanding of the person required and the role they will fill
  • Write job posting (with review by you)
  • Post and pay for all job ads (maximum $500)
  • Share your job posting with my online network built over the last 20+ years online
  • Review resumes that come in
  • Create an online survey to be done by applicants that gives insights into their skill set and knowledge as it pertains to the specific job, as well as personality type (with review by client). This survey also gives you a clearer picture of a person’s written English skills.
  • Send ONLY the top applicants to do the survey
  • After reviewing resumes, cover letters and survey responses I will make recommendations as to who the top candidates are, and will forward a summary of each along to you. You then choose those you wish to interview.
  • Assist with interviews (includes providing questions for the interview and running the interview if requested). I can be as involved in the interview process as you wish.
  • Check references (or provide list of questions for you to use)
  • Check applicant’s online social media accounts and news media reports to see if there is anything that has not been disclosed.

I offer a 90 day guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the hire within the first 90 days I will help you find a replacement at no charge.

I have helped clients fill a very wide range of positions, including:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Bookkeeper

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“As a small business owner, our success depends on having the right people on our team. I have always struggled with the hiring process. The wrong hire can have a devastating impact on our business and existing team.

As an entrepreneur with many hats, I rarely have the time to properly recruit, interview, vet and analyze new hires.

Based on the recommendation of another business owner, I made the decision to use Wendy McClelland for our latest hire.

I couldn’t be happier with the process. Wendy was very thorough and made the process painless. All the marketing and filtering was completed by Wendy, much more thoroughly than we’ve ever done in the past, all the support and framework for an effective interview process was provided and I really felt like we had used a professional approach. Our new employee has been with us for some time now, and he is fitting in really well.

I would highly recommend Wendy for any of your employee recruiting needs.”

Chris Klaassen, Jomi Construction Ltd., Chilliwack BC

“In the past two years Wendy McClelland has helped me hire three new staff members – a Bookkeeper, Operations Manager and a Sales Person.

Wendy has developed a process that ensures we find quality candidates and our time isn’t wasted sifting through dozens of unqualified people.

Wendy handles the job posting, resume reviews and online testing. She then participates in the interview process (either directly or indirectly as needed) as well as checking references as required.

As a busy business owner without my own HR department, I appreciate the fact that I get Wendy’s expertise as an “on call HR consultant” when I need it. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to hire staff and doesn’t have their own HR team.”

Eric Klaassen, Owner – Atmosphere Floors & Design Centre, Chilliwack, BC